On July 10, over 200 Fairlawn Haven staff members and contracted employees were tested for COVID-19 by the Ohio National Guard in which all tests came back negative.  A few members of our staff were not able to attend this testing and received testing at another location. Late Wednesday, July 22 a member of our staff who, although asymptomatic, tested positive for COVID-19.  After conferring with the Ohio Department of Health, it was established that due to the safety protocols used by the employee, both residents and fellow staff members are at minimal risk.  We DO NOT currently have any residents that are suspected or confirmed with COVID-19. As a precaution we are assessing residents more frequently to be sure they do not exhibit symptoms.  We are also requiring all employees with direct resident contact to wear full personal protective equipment at this time.

Resident safety is our top priority. We have been taking measures to minimize and prevent the spread of any respiratory disease at Fairlawn. We understand the emotional effects of this quarantine for our residents and families. Utilizing guidance from the Ohio Department of Health, we will continue to allow visitation following strict protocols.

Fairlawn will contact families should a resident develop symptoms of COVID-19. We ask for your ongoing support and trust.  Out of respect for the affected staff member and in accordance with privacy laws, we will not be sharing any details regarding this positive case.