The Auxiliary Council is a group of Volunteers who provide opportunities for Fairlawn Haven Residents. Some volunteer their time at Fairlawn assisting the Life Enrichment Staff. All volunteer to plan and implement the Spring Auction, which raises funds to support programming for our care center residents.

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FRIDAY, APRIL 8, 2016 

Founders Hall at Sauder Village

The Auxiliary’s purpose is to assist in maintaining contacts and interests between residents of Fairlawn Haven and the community. The Auxiliary provides fellowship opportunities and gives service and assistance to Fairlawn’s Staff and residents.

Participation in the auxiliary is open to all and there are
a variety of volunteer options available. The Auxiliary
is governed by a board and assisted by Co-Council reps
from local churches.

Community Fundraisers are held annually, to provide funds
to benefit residents of Fairlawn Haven. The Annual Fairlawn Haven Benefit Auction is held each spring at Founder’s Hall.
A smaller Auction is held at Fairlawn each November.

Contact Joyce Winzeler, President, for more information or to volunteer in making a positive difference in the lives of Fairlawn’s Residents. Call 419-445-3075 to have Joyce contact you.