Many rewarding opportunities to serve older adults are available on our campus. We welcome groups, individuals, youth and adults. We have a spot for you, whether you want to volunteer one time or once a week. Check out this page for current and ongoing volunteer options. Check out the Auxiliary Page for more options, too.  Open our VOLUNTEER BROCHURE for job details and contacts to get you started.

We welcome volunteer groups and individuals to assist the residents by calling and playing Bingo, leading the always favorite “Hymn Sings”, or reading the local newspaper or mail to a resident. If you are comfortable with a needle or sewing machine, there is always a need to assist with mending the residents’ clothing.

Volunteers options may be available for the following tasks:

Meal Hostess                                               Entertainer
Van Driver                                                    Reader
Letter Writer                                                Crafts
Mender                                                          Wheelchair Escort
Manicurist                                                    Song Leader
Cafe at WC                                                    Lead a Class
Write News articles                                     Receptionist

For general questions, please contact Development and Community Services office at 567-444-5086

Current Volunteer Needs:

  • Café Volunteer (Two shifts available).
  • Driver for Resident (Staff will call with requests).
    Call 567-444-5102.
  • Dinner Meal Assistant (for care center residents).
    Takes 30 minutes one day a month or more.
    Call Betty at 419-446-2632 to volunteer.
  • Share a Hobby, Story or Song (Only takes 10-15 mins.).
    Mothers bringing preschool children for a short time are a treat too!
    Call 567-444-5064
  • Auxiliary Volunteer (Help with Annual Spring Auction)